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Who is James Einspahr You Ask?

I’m a Creative Director, Digital Strategist, and Product Manager based in Denver, Colorado where I work for companies, agencies, and brands around the globe. If you like my work, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

My Experience has been focused on eCommerce, email marketing, digital strategy, mobile technologies, digital marketing, product management and more. I have been honing my craft for over 15 years, and while digital is my passion, I have also spent many years working on branding, and traditional creative in a variety of mediums.

I find no challenge is too large or can’t be overcome with forward thinking, a creative mind, and just plain hard work.


I am the first generation of my family born outside of farm country, so I come from a long line of hard working farmers who had to survive using the skills they had built over time. That strong work ethic was ingrained in me and is something I work hard to maintain.

I am also one of the rare remaining Colorado natives. I absolutely love the life Colorado provides, sunny days year round, mountain activities including snowboarding, and all that is available being so close to the Rocky Mountains.

CO Snow

Open to Full Time and Freelance Opportunities

Denver, Colorado +1 303 619 3378 [email protected]