James Einspahr

My names is James. I am a Creative Director, Strategist, and Marketer that creates experiences for human kind.

What I Do Best

Interactive Design

Interactive Design

I have focused on interactive design for the majority of my career but that translates well beyond the computer screen today and leveraging those design principles across all mediums is something I am passionate about.
Branding & Identity

Brand Identity

No one knows your story like you do…That is a fact, and will not change, yet how you present that knowledge about your business, product, or service to your audience can make all the difference.
Audience Strategy

Audience Strategy

I have worked inside and out of brands expressing the ideas of many verticals so I know a that understanding a product or service is just the start. Understanding the audience is the true key to your success.

Please Excuse the Brevity

In a world of so much information leaving it to be simple can be a real challenge but can also be the diffenerce in the message being seen, and more importantly being heard. I am in the process rebuilding my site (not a priority over client work) and more examples of my work, the long list of clients I have worked with, and more about me can be seen at EinspahrDesign.com.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or questions!